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Gardens in Kashan

Discover Beautiful and Historic Parks and Gardens in Kashan

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Gardens in Kashan along with graceful and convenient parks are the most advisable options for tourists. So, coming to this city constantly, travelers can visit its spectacular and unique gardens of Kashan which are mostly historic. On the other hand, staying in some of Kashan parks is a perfectly fine and cheap option for some tourists.

Kashan is a mysterious and amazing city in the center of Iran. Besides, it is close to big cities such as Isfahan and Tehran. A place that has a lot of eye-catching natural attractions, valuable history, and extraordinary traditions. Not to mention, this city is 7,500 years old. As a result, Kashan has become one of the most important tourist cities in Iran.

Many domestic and foreign tourists travel to Kashan every year. But of course, travel to Kashan reaches its peak during Nowruz (May till June) and for the “Golabgiri” (making rosewater) ceremony. Nevertheless, the ancient  gardens of Kashan have wonderful sights that you should not miss:

with that in mind, first, we introduce some of the most famous gardens of this city and its surroundings, then we would familiarize you with some important parks of Kashan that were built especially for tourists.

Fin Garden

Fin Garden, the oldest Persian garden in Iran, is the most significant tourist attraction of Kashan.

The Finn Garden is known as the most notorious historical garden in Iran.  In fact, the assassination of Amir Kabir, the beloved chief minister of Iran during the Qajar period happened in the bath in this garden. But this may be one of the reasons for the garden’s reputation as well. thus why tourists visit the place and its bath. Consequently, in 2010, Fin bath was registered in UNESCO   and can now be visited as a museum.

On the other hand, the gorgeous design of this garden has attracted many travelers, and walking in a pleasant atmosphere is refreshing.

while Fin Garden complex with an area of ​​2500 square meters has a lot to offer. Upon arrival, look at the entrance, which is a unique relic of the Safavid period (dynasty era), and the pavilion in the middle of the garden is a reminder of that time.

The first floor of this mansion includes a porch and entrance hall to the garden with side rooms. Then the upper floor includes a large hall with interesting paintings.

 In this garden, water is the most basic element. And the stagnant design in the pool in front of the pavilions and ponds, running water in the streams, fountains, and boiling from the regular holes in the floor of the pond gives a new spirit to the garden.

Important to realize, from ancient Iran, water was considered holy. So it was sanctified and revered, given that the presence of running water in gardens was important. As well as maintaining symmetry in the design.

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Bagh-e Talar Niasar

One of the most interesting and appealing gardens of Niasar city near Kashan is Bagh-e Talar (meaning hall garden). Significantly, this garden is famous for its old and very tall trees. So magnificent trees make the garden pleasant and its nature enjoyable.

Alexandria spring flows in the middle of this garden and leads to the Niasar waterfall. Surely this spring is the vital vain of the city, irrigates trees of the garden. As a result, greenness and natural beauties are the results of this water source.

Besides, there is an old pavilion in the garden. A very beautiful and original mansion, which is known as the hall pavilion.

An ancient structure as one of the remaining buildings dates back to the Safavid era (dynasty era) and the time of Shah Sultan Hussein Safavid.

This mansion and historical building, which was in ruins, was restored with the cooperation of the relevant authorities. Also, another advantage of this place is overlooking the entire city of Niasar and its surroundings. So considering the city of Niasar is very enchanting in case of natural attractions,  you would watch a very gorgeous landscape in front of you.  In other words, there is a possibility to enjoy the surrounding nature easily.  

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Ghamsar Birds Garden

Ghamsar birds garden, with an area of ​​10,000 hectares is located near the city of Ghamsar. Millions of dollars of private sector investment have built this establishment.

This garden has thousands of birds from 17 different countries, most of which are native to Iran. Also, as a natural attraction of Kashan, while having a beautiful mountain view, it has a conference hall, and dining hall to serve more than 3,000 people.

Kashan Accommodation Parks

One way to reduce the cost of travel to Kashan is cheap accommodation. And if you are one of those travelers thirsty for adventure, or you are not too strict about a warm bed in a hotel; A good offer is to stay in accommodation parks and tourist camps.

In this way, you pay a small amount as an entrance and use the amenities of the area in complete security. Here are some of the provided residential parks in Kashan that also have a green and lively atmosphere:

Shahrvand Welfare-Entertainment Complex of Kashan

This complex is an independent park with a roofed area, available to receive and accommodate travelers with amenities including tents, bedspreads, and bedding (blankets and pillows).

Shahrbanoo Camp

This camp with an open and fun atmosphere and also with suitable welfare-recreational facilities is an affordable accommodation in Kashan.

Madani Park

Madani Park stands in Qutb Ravandi boulevard of Kashan city and provides welfare facilities and also the possibility of using a playground for children and an amusement park. it is also a suitable option for accommodation of Kashan travelers.

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Bam-e Kashan Park

Bam-e Kashan (means the roof of Kashan) park, due to its high altitude has pleasant weather. So this park is in a way, like a roof-top of the city of Kashan. And it is located at the highest point of the city with a cool and delightful atmosphere. In this respect, Bam-e Kashan park is a preferable green space for relaxing, exercise,  enjoying nature, and family gatherings.

This park has complete welfare and recreational facilities. There are advantages such as green space with pleasurable weather, an amusement center, food stores, and easy access to dining and restaurants. Not to mention, interesting views of the whole city of Kashan, especially at nights. So these features created agreeable fame for this popular park.

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