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Gardens in Kashan

List of Top 10 Kashan Tourist Attractions and Where to Visit

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Kashan tourist attractions receive many travelers every year. This ancient city, dating back 7,500 years ago is a historic city known for its fragrant flowers, old houses, and very ancient sites. Kashan is in fact the tip of the iceberg of the very old and ancient civilization and culture of Iran.

Archaeologists suggest Kashan is one of the oldest cities created by humankind. Meanwhile, the traditional and historical texture of this city is still preserved and traces of antiquity can be seen everywhere.

Most visits to the city of Kashan take place in the Golabgiri (making rosewater) season, ie mid-May to mid-June. At this time, many travelers from different cities and countries come to Kashan to attend this traditional ceremony.

Kashan has many attractions, and most importantly, these places are very close to each other. subsequently you can visit them in the shortest possible time: Here are some of the most well-known and popular sights of Kashan:

Fin Garden

Finn garden is located at the end of the current Amirkabir street, next to the Sulaimaniyah spring. Subsequently it has cooler air than the rest of the city.

The tree-lined and popular garden area with tall trees have attracted the attention of and is considered special by locals. And therefore is among attractions for every tourist coming to Kashan every year.

The water running through manmade streams with turquoise floor and trees next to the magnificent garden building has given it a special beauty. As soon as you walk into the yard, you will be delighted with all the stillness and peace.

Kashan Fin garden has 579 cypresses and 11 sycamores, some of them are very ancient and 100-470 years old.

Kashan’s Fin Bath, where Amir Kabir, the Qajarid chancellor, was murdered by an assassin sent by king Nasreddin Shah in 1852 is also of historical importance. Fin garden, which was completed in 1590, is known as the oldest extant Persian garden.

Kashan Bazaar

This bazaar is one tourist attractions of of Kashan, which also happens to have a lot of fans, especially among tourists. It is interesting to know that this market has many historical monuments. So a very good place for sightseeing while shopping. Kashan bazaar starts from Baba Afzal St and continues to near the Darvazeh-Dowlat sq.

Buildings such as Mir Panj Caravanserai, Mir Emad (Sq.) mosque, Timcheh Sabbagh, the famous Timchah-i Amin al-Dawla, Sorakh Risman Hosseinieh, and many other monuments are located in the traditional bazaar of Kashan.

Shop owners divided this market into different guilds. Then one part is for coppersmithing, shoemaking, and dyeing, the other part is for goldsmithing, tailoring, and finally sewing. At last the sweets and pastries of this bazaar are among the best souvenirs of Kashan that attract travelers.

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Borujerdi Historical House

Borujerdi’s house in Sultan Mirahmad neighborhood in Kashan is the most-recognized historic house in the city with a relaxing atmosphere. This mansion is a remnant of the Qajar period (Dynasty era) in Iran. And people consider it one of the masterpieces of Iranian history in the 13th century.

This spacious house with two outer and inner courtyards, a large pool, a beautiful portal, wooden doors, and the decorated walls is very eye-catching.

But the unique features that surprise you in Borujerdi house are windcatchers and the pleasant and cool weather that has been created in the heat of summer desert.

The crescent and symmetrical windcatchers on the roof and the pergola of the house make its view even more stunning. Experts consider this establishment a special example of the style known as modern Iranian architecture.

The landlord used to trade goods from the city of Borujerd. Therefore people called this house as the house of the Borujerdi.

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Tabatabaei Historical House

Tabatabaei house is a spectacular house in Kashan. This structure with a pleasant yard and a large pool would fascinate you. Located in Sultan Amira Ahmad neighborhood as well, Tabatabaei house was built by the late Seyed Jafar Tabatabai, one of the famous carpet merchants of Kashan, in 1871, and includes the interior and exterior and the part related to the crew.

The big porch with colored lattice windows, mirror work, and plastering is one of the most stunning parts of the house. The difference in height of 8 -10 meters with the level of the alley has caused a cool breeze to enter the basement from the central courtyard pond. And it creates a temperature difference between the basement and outside 15-20 degrees, especially in summer.

Tabatabaei house has an area of 4700 square meters and with 40 rooms, 4 courtyards, 4 cellars (basement), 3 windcatchers, and 2 Qanats. And it is one of the most distinctive buildings in Kashan.

Ameri House

Ameri house, in addition to being one of interesting tourist attractions in Kashan, is also one of the best traditional hotels in Kashan. This large historical house also has the highest windcatcher among the houses in this city. Skilled Architects built Ameri house originally during the Qajar period for the Amiri family as their residence, and later other buildings were added to it.

The house has 85 rooms and several courtyards, and the plastering, Moqarnas, and woodcarvings make it a building with impressive architecture.

The principle of symmetry can be seen in all the yards of the house, on the north, south, east, and west sides. This house has been turned into a hotel, so you can not walk everywhere, but we recommend you do not miss eating in the “hall of the mirrors” of this mansion.

Village of Ghamsar

If you travel to Kashan during the Golabgiri (making rosewater) season, one of the best decisions you can make during your trip can be to go watching this remarkable festival of flowers and traditional rituals in Ghamsar village of Kashan.

Ghamsar is one of the most unforgettable places on earth at this time. In this season you can visit pink Damask roses (aka Mohammadi flowers) farms that create amazing scenery and fill the air of the city with their intoxicating aroma.

At this time of the year, many tourists from all over the world come to the village of Ghamsar in Kashan to witness the exciting ceremony of extracting roses from Mohammadi flowers and perhaps buying pure and authentic rosewater as a souvenir.

Abyaneh Village

The historical village of Abyaneh is one of the highest residential areas in Iran. This village has a spiritual nature and a pristine landscape. A trip to Abyaneh is necessary for all those who want to escape from everyday life. When you enter Abyaneh, just looking at the adorable architecture of houses and buildings, breathing in the clean and pleasant air of the village, and watching historical and tourist attractions will calm your mind.

Locals built this irresistible historical village is on a steep slope by the river. Its houses have wooden windows. The people here have decorated the exterior of the houses with red soil. And all these sights have made Abyaneh village one of the most touristy places in Iran.

Niasar Cave

This strange and amazing cave is about 2000 years old and is very close to Niasar village. What has caused the Niasar cave to be noticed is the fact that the cave is man-made. simultaneously Niasar cave has winding stone tunnels that people apparently built it for a specific purpose.

Archaeologists believe that based on various evidence, they dedicated this mysterious cave to religious ceremonies. They say that considering the water was very important in the ritual of “Mithraism” and one of the rituals of the followers of this ritual was bathing and washing in a special way that lasted for several days. There were water wells or boiling springs in the place of bathing. Due to the proximity of Niasar cave to Niasar waterfall, it is almost certain that followers of “Mithraism” owned this cave.

Underground City of Nooshabad

Near Kashan, there is an ancient underground city called Nooshabad. Then it is one of the historical wonders of Iran. One of important tourist attractions of Kashan worth visiting.

This underground city was discovered about two years ago by a resident of Anoushabad village. And the depth of some parts of this man-made city is up to 18 meters. And the rooms, corridors, canals, etc. are created 3 floors in here. This city, which is considered a historical treasure, is also known as the Ovey complex.

People of the time dug this long and unimaginable tunnel with many architectural spaces. So Archeological say according to their excavations, people used the underground city of Nooshabad in Islamic periods. And they probably used it as a refuge.

Archaeologists, due to the limited excavations, still do not know the exact size of this city. But corridors and different spaces estimate the city to be several thousand square meters wide.

Sialk Archeological Hills

There are ancient hills in Fin Kashan which are known as Sialk. Meanwhile evidence suggests they are the remnant of the ancient ziggurat of Iran. In fact Sialk is actually the name of the first civilization in Central Iran that lived in Kashan.

These hills are about eight thousand years old. So it seems that after climate change, the cavemen came to live in the plains. They started a new way of life by cultivating. Accordingly, there is more progress and development in the civilization of the Sialk people than in other civilizations. They obtained Many items from these ancient hills. This indicates the life of the oldest plain people in this region.

Experts consider Sialk hills as the most ancient attraction for tourists. But along with the historic charm, these hills bring indescribable tranquility to visitors as well.

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