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Choosing the best Isfahan café and bars can depend on your personal preferences and tastes. Coffee shops are good places to find dates, business meetings, and friendly and romantic appointments and if they present a cozy and agreeable atmosphere with proper reception, many customers are encouraged to come back. Reasonable price is very important, of course, but quality comes first.

Cafes are also good places for those who enjoy solitude and want to read or write in a quiet corner, trying to spend hours away from the busy life.

At first glance, Isfahan is a traditional city, but what attracts the attention of domestic and foreign tourists along with old cultural sites, is the modernity and urban development of Isfahan and the construction of coffee shops and bars.

Here we introduce some famous coffee shops in Isfahan, one of the most important tourist cities in Iran.

Azadegan Cafe

Azadegan cafe (better known as Haji Mirza) is more like an antique shop or museum. its ceiling and walls have strange decorations as antique and old items are hanging everywhere. Of course, this innovative structure is part of the attractions of Azadegan cafe.

People say that the tasteful owner of this place himself has collected these objects over the years and he is not willing to throw them away.

It is good to know that this coffee house had built during the Safavid period (dynasty era) and was originally called the Khaste Khane (house of the tired folks) because people used to come here to rest.

This establishment serves hookah, Abgoosht in dizi pots, and other dishes. One of the most famous meals that travelers mostly order at Haj Mirza is an appetizer called “Doogh and Gooshfil” which is very famous among people of Isfahan.

Haj Mirza coffee house may not be among the best Isfahan Cafe’s in terms of quality, but it can be among the most touristic ones there.

Firouz Sherbat Café

Firouz Sherbat café (means turquoise drink) is among the most distinguished hangouts of tourists in Isfahan.

It is a spectacular place located in the new Julfa, near Julfa Square and Vank cathedral church and you can order a variety of drinks, ice creams, cakes, and delicious appetizers here.

This cafe has a particularly unique and attractive decoration as well as interesting wallpapers, and old intriguing paintings, are hung here that are worth visiting.

In this cafe, everything is special in its own way, from old and antique dishes to weird ice cream names. We suggest you visit this beautiful coffee shop.

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Radio Café

Radio Cafés are chain coffee shops in Isfahan, best for visit and relaxation. With having several branches in the city, Radio Cafés are among the most prominent coffee shops in Isfahan.

Sepahan cinema branch is the most famous one with a cozy and quiet place, special coffees, and breakfast along with listening to the radio.

The aroma of the coffee, cinnamon tea, delicious cookies, as well as a variety of snacks for guests, even the vegetarians make this cafe lovely. Brick walls and metal base tables with wooden plates and colored tiles in the Ostandari street branch are outstanding as well.

 Sometimes these coffee shops teach you how to recognize and prepare a good coffee. Interestingly, this Café has a no cellphone policy and people should stay offline here for a while and have an off the internet experience.

Cafe Narvan

Narvan cafe is located in Naghsh-e Jahan Square and the beginning of the grand bazaar.

This cafe is located in a good location and as an advantage when you are tired of sightseeing historical places and strolling markets, you can easily find it and relax in this cozy corner.

The behavior of the staff is very respectful and professional and you will be served a variety of drinks and delicious food.

Narvan cafe is one of the most famous coffee shops recommended by many tourists, plus many positive reviews have been written about it.

Roozegar Café

When you enter Naghsh-e Jahan Square, you can choose a carriage ride and also go for sightseeing in the corridors of Isfahan bazaar. Later, when you enjoyed your day, for a few hours of peace, Roozegar (meaning times) Café is a good choice for you as well.

This is a unique cafe with traditional and nice decorations where you can enjoy a variety of drinks. The atmosphere of this cafe is calm and lovely and it is a good place for a drink with friends and companions.

Messo Qali Café

Messo Qali café (means copper and carpet café), like other well-known and popular coffee-shops in Isfahan, is located in Naghsh-e Jahan Square and has two outdoor and indoor seating areas created for the comfort of travelers.

The traditional and interesting atmosphere, various drinks, cakes and sweets, and the pleasant set up in the Messo Qali café make you enjoy each of your moments and form a lasting memory in Isfahan.

Meydoon Cafe

Meydoon cafe (means Square) is located in the most important alley leading to Naghsh-e Jahan Square and is one of the coffee shops with many good reviews from tourists and coffee lovers.

In this cafe, a variety of coffees with cakes are served to customers. Different refreshing drinks, delicious homemade cakes, and various tasty coffees served by experienced and well-mannered staff have made this small but at the same time, stylish, and clean cafe gain a lot of Fans among customers.

Namakdan Mansion

Namakdan Mansion restaurant cafe is located in an old Qajar (dynasty era) house in the road to “Posht Matbak” street, and close to Naghsh-e Jahan Square.

For getting to the yard, You should go through the entrance, which is a short corridor, where there are wooden tables and chairs and tall trees, a small pool with turquoise tiled floor, and many flower pots arranged everywhere, which is a reminisce of traditional Persian houses. In the southern part of the yard is an old house on two floors.

To reach the first floor, you have to go downstairs in the yard and to reach the upper floor, which has a beautiful balcony, you should go up the stairs on the west side of the mansion. On this floor, many Persian carpets and kilims have made it look like a carpet shop which is interesting in its way.

Bahar Narenj Café

Bahar Narenj (orange blossom) زafé is one of the most well-known cafes in Jolfa neighborhood in Isfahan.

A lovely small place located southwest of Wank church, almost in front of the Julfa hotel.

This cafe has attracted a lot of attention due to its interesting atmosphere, exquisite murals (Persian miniature art), and enchanting decorations and designs that can be seen on its ceiling. This place has a varied and good menu, but the prices here are a bit high.

Houger Cafe (Dehdashti Mansion)

The Houger traditional café restaurant in Dehdashti mansion, a Qajar house, is one of the irresistible cafes in Isfahan’s Naghsh-e Jahan Square, in case of environment mostly and as soon as you enter this cafe, old interior, and antique decorations will catch your attention.

In this cafe, there is no trace of technology and the modern world, and even the light inside the place has passed through colored windows with old wooden frames.

In addition to the unforgettable beauties of this cafe, drinks, and delicious food are also prepared there in a Qajar era recipe class.

Jazzve Cafe

The new Julfa has plenty of dazzling cafes, most of which are very busy and located around the Vank cathedral church, but if you are looking for a little peace and quiet away from the noise of foreign and domestic tourists, you will find the small and charming Jazzve cafe in the corner of the first alley near the Church.

Apart from the interior of the cafe, there is a double table outside in the same alley.

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