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The Most Popular Restaurants in Kashan, Iran

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If you are interested in finding the finest restaurants in Kashan, indeed the best way is to prioritize based on the desires and expectations that you have of a good eatery. Then again many tourists prefer a stylish and luxurious atmosphere, while others are looking for an intimate and somewhat inexpensive place. Also, Some like the place to be low key to have their food in peace, but others desire crowded and loud locations with a lot of people hanging around.

Either way, Kashan is one of the cities that you never get tired of its sights. Besides the old texture and historic houses, like a time machine, take visitors on an adventurous journey back in time. Thus in this fantastic city, its restaurants and local food cannot be overlooked.

In Kashan, investors have turned some historical houses into dining halls with a very interesting space. Therefore different café and restaurants for a variety of dishes stand around the city to serve guests. Here are some of the recommended places for you to eat:

Morshedi Restaurant

If you are looking for a traditional atmosphere with delicious food and of course reasonable prices, accordingly Morshedi house cafe’ & restaurant will be the best choice for you.

The Morshedi house (AKA Sarai Morshed) is a traditional, old, and attractive renovated mansion. However, it does not have the splendor of other traditional houses in Kashan. And its place is somehow simple but pleasant enough. Instead, the menu is much richer than other traditional restaurants. For instance, their menu includes a variety of less seen traditional Kashan dishes, which of course have more reasonable prices. In fact, serving the dishes in pottery with local Doogh and fresh vegetables makes eating in this restaurant more enjoyable. Also, next to the restaurant, they mad a small space, considered as a café.

Manouchehri Restaurant

Manouchehri house is one of the historical buildings of Kashan. Nowadays they use it as a hotel, restaurant, and of course an important tourist attraction in Kashan with easy access. In a word Manouchehri house restaurant is the most significant and luxurious dining area in Kashan. Specifically, this restaurant is located in a part of the house that used to be for important guests.  Also, Dome-shaped high ceilings with wooden windows and stained glass dazzle every viewer.

At last, besides the historical and splendid space, this restaurant offers you a complete menu of traditional and Persian food.

Namely one of the traditional dishes of Kashan locals that you can try here is “Khoresht Nokhod Alleh”. Subsequently, this Khoresht is a combination of lamb meat with chickpeas, tomatoes, and onions. A dish flavored with rosewater, saffron, and Omani lemon.

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Saraye Ameriha Restaurant

The house of the Ameriha belongs to the Zandieh period (dynasty era). And today, they have turned this house into a very majestic hotel (Saraye Ameriha boutique hotel) with a gorgeous restaurant (Also known as mirrors hall).

Besides all the charming parts of this traditional hotel, the restaurant of the Mirror Hall is like a shining pearl. Truly, this dining hall is full of small and large mirrors. Kashan craftsmen have been creating this masterpiece about 200 years ago. Thus, they have put together a unique spacious salon with bright walls and an exceptional ceiling. For this reason, the experience of dining in this place will definitely be unforgettable. Also, this restaurant, in spite of the traditional atmosphere, is very luxurious and you must book a table in advance to stay and have food there.

In this restaurant, however, they only serve the famous traditional Kashan dishes such as “Kofte Ab Somag”, Abgosht Lobia, Gosht Lobia, etc. which also have a high price.

Abbasi Coffee Shop & Restaurant

This restaurant is located in the Abbasian historical house. And as a completely traditional and historical place with unique signs, its environment is always crowded and its food is recommended. Also, foreign tourists mention it in their travelogues repeatedly.

The Abbasian house, next to the Tabatabaei House, indeed is one of the most valuable historical attractions in Kashan. Unlike Manouchehri and Ameriha restaurants, in this dining hall, Takhts (traditional Iranian sitting beds)  are in perfect harmony with the place. On the one hand, beds with colorful designs, around small blue ponds with a fountain in the middle take your eyes. On the other hand,  colorful Persian carpets with beautiful patterns, and areas with different and unique designs have all gone hand in hand to make a day of memories. If you are into Abgoosht, do not miss Dizi and the unique “Goshe-Shotor” dish in this dining hall.

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Mozaffari Traditional Restaurant

Mozaffari’s traditional dining room located in the old part of the city of Kashan is one of the most pleasant restaurants with amazing architecture. First, a  place that includes a tea house, and facilities such as its own special heating and cooling system. Also, the menu of this restaurant contains local, traditional, and Persian dishes with a variety of delicious local foods and desserts.

In addition to food, they serve a variety of drinks, snacks, and sell souvenirs related to Kashan city in this restaurant.

Negin Restaurant

Kashan’s Negin traditional hotel is located in an old neighborhood. Then, they renovated the place recently and put it into operation in 2013.

Additionally, this residential complex is equipped in an original and completely traditional Persian structure with modern facilities. And they also hold tourist tours in Kashan. Besides, while one of the best traditional restaurants in the city is located inside this house, domestic and foreign guests are treated to traditional and special Iranian foods, to make a memorable stay.

Proximity to the “Mohtasham Kashani tomb” and proximity to Kashan bazaar, Alavi street, and the city center are other advantages of this restaurant complex.

Mahinestan Raheb Restaurant

Perhaps the combination of traditional space with modern facilities has made Mahinestan Raheb hotel the title of the most luxurious traditional residence in Kashan. Furthermore, many travelers who visit Kashan come to this place to eat in one of the most recommended restaurants in Kashan. For example, Some of the well-received and popular dishes of this dining hall are Tas Kebab, Gosht Lobia, Khoresht Nokhod Alleh, and chelo Dizi. They serve food in traditional dishes, a custom that is interesting in its own element as well.

The management of the mansion orders authentic Sharbats (traditional fruity-rosewater flavored cool drinks) from Ghamsar weekly.

Noghli Restaurant

Noghli (means tiny) restaurant stands in Noghli house. It is also one of the most attractive traditional restaurants in Kashan that you can visit.

In this restaurant, a variety of Kashan local dishes and famous Persian cuisine are served. For instance, Kalehjoosh, Khoresht Kado, Gheymeh Bademjan, Ashes, as well as tea and herbal teas.

Table settings and cooking in this restaurant can be done as desired with the participation of customers. Additionally, firewood bread, firewood tea, library, parking space, cycling, and free internet are other features of the Noghli restaurant.

Rose House

Rose house is one of the most famous restaurants in Kashan, which is located near the Sialk hills. This complex includes a hotel, restaurants (with Iranian and international cuisine), coffee shop, green space, fast food eatery, glass pavilions. And a hall for ceremonies and conferences.

Therefore, it is a good place for tourists to enjoy visiting a historical place at noon and having a launch. Also, a collection of various Iranian and international dishes is served to customers here.

Jazireh Café Restaurant

Jazireh (means island) is one of the delightful café restaurants in Kashan with a cozy and pleasant sitting area. A nice place which is very popular due to the quality of food and the respectful behavior of its staff.

The 2 store Jazireh café restaurant with a warm and family atmosphere. A place that serves a variety of Persian food, fast food, and hot and cold drinks.

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