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A-List of Top-notch Restaurants in Yazd | Travel Tips

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Restaurants in Yazd, with a variety of food respect all types of people with different tastes. Therefore, you can find delicious dishes, cool & delightful drinks, and different oriental fast-food cuisine in dining places around the city.

While, the quality of food and drink is one of the most significant factors that can make a trip memorable for travelers; For that reason, choosing suitable and reliable places to eat and drink is an important and fundamental matter in a trip. Finding good restaurants in Yazd is not a difficult task and you can have a great day with the unique taste of local food.

However, it is necessary to prioritize. And at the same time, consider a restaurant that has good prices, a beautiful and refreshing environment, and most importantly, offers delicious, healthy, and nutritious dishes. Here is a list of the best restaurants in Yazd:

Emarat Vakil Restaurant

In the heart of the historical city of Yazd, a mansion of taste, delicacy, color, and aroma has been established, which is called Emarat Vakil (means Vakil mansion) restaurant. Indeed, a seven-story banquet, which has satisfied many tourists and guests in the last 10 years.

Also, the various restaurants of Emarat Vakil, each host tastes and cultures with different layouts, tailored architecture, and design. Respectively, the restaurants, from the first floor to the top are:

Bi Sun catering, Saraan teahouse, Saam self-service restaurant, Saaz restaurant (Iranian), Sarir restaurant (Mediterranean & Arabic), Caesar restaurant (International & Italian), and roof garden café (Sali).

In conclusion, this mansion has equipped with Iranian, Arabic, Mediterranean, Italian, and international restaurants, self-service,  and so on. Besides, they use the best and most up-to-date advanced Italian equipment under the supervision of international chefs to prepare food.

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Laleh Hotel Yazd Restaurant

The building of the Laleh hotel in Yazd (Golshan historical house) belongs to the Qajar period (dynasty era). Apparently, this mansion was previously used as a residential house. Then they rebuilt it after several years of abandonment and after three years of operation, they started a traditional hotel here.

The hotel restaurant with a variety of Persian, French, Indian, and traditional dishes with experienced reception staff is a pleasant environment, especially for private gatherings and parties. The restaurant has a large, warm and intimate interior. Also, buffet service and the quality of reception are very acceptable.

There is also an outdoor space in the yard which is actually, belongs to the coffee shop of Laleh hotel. With a beautiful atmosphere, you can spend a relaxing afternoon next to the lovely pools and fountains, listening to traditional music.

Negin Restaurant

Negin (means jewel) restaurant is located in Shohada Mihrab square. With a variety of traditional and delicious dishes, this restaurant in a peaceful space has the best quality, at a fair price.

The restaurant of Negin,  as one of the most famous restaurants in Yazd city, was established in 2006 with a capacity of 700 people. In fact, this modern restaurant is situated in the new part of the city. As a matter of fact, most reviewers admire the quality of the food and the deliciousness of the local cuisine. So, it is a great idea to have dinner or lunch here.

Not to mention, that in addition to the Persian menu, this popular restaurant also has a foreign menu as well. Therefore, the place has become one of the most recommended restaurants in Yazd with special offers from chefs and custom cooking.

Kornopich Fast-food

As one of the prominent restaurants in Yazd, Kornopich has a special place. And this restaurant stands in the Safaieh district, on Daneshgah boulevard, opened in 2009, and has a capacity of 150.

Also, fast-food lovers in the city, all introduce Kornopich as the best one in Yazd. As in Instagram polls, local people have chosen Kornopich as the best pizza shop in Yazd.

The reason for naming this restaurant is serving a type of pizza called Kornopich, which uses potatoes instead of pizza dough. Even though the quality of the food is the best and the place is always full of customers, but there is no delay in their service.

Yazd Kornopich fast-food has 2 Persian and English menus with different types of pizza. As a traveler in this historic city, if you are looking for a light dining experience, be sure to visit this restaurant. Also, the place is near the Parsian Safaiyeh hotel and Arg-E-Jadid hotel in Yazd, which makes it convenient for tourists.

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Dragon Italian Restaurant

Dragonissituated in the Safaieh district, on Yazd Daneshgah boulevard as well. And as one of the most popular fast-food restaurants in Yazd, it has attracted a lot of attention.

While this establishment is the first Italian restaurant in Yazd, So, the place has been operating since 2009 and offers a variety of delicious Italian dishes to customers.

Indeed, Dragon is one of the most famous restaurants in Yazd, which is always crowded serving high-quality food. From the menu of this restaurant, you can choose and enjoy all kinds of pasta, Italian pizzas, sandwiches, and other delicious side dishes.

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Savvis Plus Restaurant

Savvis Plus restaurant (also known as a meat products center) is a newly established fast-food place, opened in 2016. This fast-food restaurant has quickly become popular and is now operating in several branches around the city of Yazd.

Uniquely, Savvis Plus aimed to restore people’s lost trust in processed meat products; in particular, sausages, hot dogs, burgers, and other ready-to-cook products. In fact, in Savvis Plus, which has an area of ​​about 200 square meters, you can witness the complete production process up close. And enjoy healthy fast-food with peace of mind. They serve everything including pizza, steak, sausage, meat roulette, burgers, beef sausage, chicken sausage, fish sausage, turkey sausage, lamb sausage, and so on.

Since Savvis Plus is only a take out place, you can not book the place in advance or have group gatherings here. But it has the possibility of sending the menu, custom cooking and also sending food by courier.

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Silk Road Restaurant

Silk Road restaurant hotel is located in the oldest residential area of ​​Yazd, which is a UNESCO world heritage site. In fact, this hotel-restaurant is in the vicinity of Jameh mosque. And the view of brick houses and windcatchers from its rooftop will amaze you.

Actually, the Silk Road hotel is an old-fashioned building that is several hundred years old, known for its native and pleasant atmosphere. In this regard, its restaurant in the courtyard is considered one of the most favored traditional restaurants in Yazd. So, the place serves a variety of Iranian dishes such as Khoresht, rice, soup, kebab, etc.

On the other hand, the most important feature of the restaurant is its old local layout. Undoubtedly, you will experience one of the most native designs here. Features like wooden tables and chairs, brick walls, and a large porch for breakfast show a very antique face.

In addition to having good service, it has good access to some of the Yazd sights, such as the Jameh mosque, the historic neighborhood of Fahadan, and Lari Ha house. There is also a small market under a large stall where you can find a variety of colorful handicrafts.

Karizma Cafe’ & Restaurant

As one of the less-noticed restaurants, Karizma is a place with old exceptional architecture in Yazd city. So, after passing the bazaar next to the Jameh mosque, you enter a parking lot and then you see the restaurant sign. The structure dates back to the Qajar period and its location is on the north side of the mosque.

Indeed, this building, in the historical context of Yazd, used to be a degreasing workshop in the old days. But after restoration, started its activity in the food industry (restaurant and café) 6 years ago. Also, the rooftop has a delightful view of the Jameh Mosque and the surrounding historical buildings. So, this is another reason why this restaurant has attracted the attention of many domestic and foreign tourists.

The café has a sitting area on the ground floor and the rooftop in the form of beds, tables, and chairs. Not to mention. on some of the rooftop beds, a charcoal Korsi (heater) has been placed.  So that even in the cold weather of autumn and winter, you can enjoy the outdoor place and see the stars.

Termeh & Toranj  Restaurant

A place to find excellent kebabs with a traditional atmosphere is located in the Fahadan neighborhood of Yazd. Termeh & Toranj traditional restaurant has opened about 9 years ago. Due to its pleasant and hygienic atmosphere, as well as delicious food, it is included in the list of the best restaurants in Yazd.

Also, this restaurant has a capacity of 250 people and is known for having quality food. Therefore, for big ceremonies and parties, you can count on their professional manner, services,  and catering.

Besides, Yazd Termeh & Toranj restaurant is full of nostalgic sense of Iranian dishes with the unique cooking style of the people of Yazd. 

Marco-Polo Rooftop Restaurant

The Marco-Polo rooftop restaurant belongs to Shargh hotel. And as you can imagine, from up there, this place has an eye-catching view of surrounding buildings. An outlook that you will not find anywhere else in Yazd.

Travelers who have visited this restaurant praised the fresh kebabs and bread here. Besides, Yazdi lentil soup is a unique option while choosing Yazd cuisine. But you should note that this food is only cooked on certain days. 

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