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Best Recommended Hotels in Yazd | Travel guide

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Hotels in Yazd like Moshir al-Mamalek garden, Kohan Kashane or Nartitee ecolodge are luxury, top mid-range & budget historic accommodations.

Hotels in Yazd, are either modern new buildings or old and renovated houses of past nobles. So, the latter represents a corner of the ancient history of this land in a very satisfying way.

After all, this enchanting city is full of historical, old, and at the same time luxury and modern hotels. Therefore, accommodation in traditional hotels that were once the home of the aristocracy has become a rare possibility for tourists and travelers.

Yazd is the first brick city in the world and the second living historical city in the world after Venice. The city that has registered on the UNESCO world heritage list. And it is located in the warm embrace of the desert.

Before staying in the hotels of Yazd, there is an opportunity to easily check hotels and accommodations in terms of budget and other features. So, you can choose the best option that suits your preferences and priorities.

Here we introduce the best luxury & top mid-range hotels, and budget accommodations:

Luxury Hotels

Finding very luxurious hotels in Yazd is not an easy task. As we have said, Yazd hotels are mostly historical houses. Or they are similar to accommodations that show a corner of the ancient history of this land. This makes Yazd hotels very different and attractive in a way, introducing you to a new experience. However, luxury and stylish places can still be found in Yazd.

Moshir al-Mamalek Garden Hotel

The four-star Moshir al-Mamalek is the first Persian garden hotel. This hotel is a relic of the Qajar (dynasty era) in the northwestern part of Yazd, which is on the edge of the old texture.

Mirza Fathullah Mushir al-Malik who was in charge of the finance department at the end of the Qajar period first built the Moshir al-Mamalek garden on a 13,000 Sq.m land. Then the hotel was established in 2003 as the first Iranian garden hotel with a traditional structure and equipped with all modern amenities and advanced equipment.

Indeed, the hotel’s traditional rooms and suites have balconies with stunning views of the hotel’s gorgeous garden. Besides, you can spend hours in the garden area watching the fountains, ancient and soaring trees, and a Howz (traditional Persian pools). And also enjoy the original architecture of the hotel building.

This hotel has easy access to the city center and Yazd tourist attractions such as Amir Chakhmaq Complex, Yazd Water Museum, Dolat Abad Garden, and Khan bazaar.

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Parsian Safaiyeh Hotel

Four-star Parsian Safaiyeh hotel stands in one of the pleasant neighborhoods of Yazd in a large and lush garden. Indeed, Parsian Safaiyeh hotel is located close to the city attractions with easy access to other areas, transportation, entertainment centers, shopping, and sightseeing.

The 3-story hotel has 200 residential areas equipped with advanced and luxurious amenities. So, the establishment consists of two parts: the new hotel and the garden one. The new part is a combination of modern and traditional architecture and the garden hotel has a native structure as well.

The wooden restaurant, Kolah Farangi cafe, Narin multipurpose hall, a coffee shop with summer space and waterfront, Alma coffee shop with a glass space in the middle of the garden, handicraft shop, free parking, and conference hall are special facilities of this hotel.

Malek-o Tojjar Hotel

Malek-o Tojjar, another example of hotels in Yazd that have traditional and old buildings.

Tasteful architects built the Malek-o Tojjar hotel 120 years ago. But with new renovations and designs, it has become a stylish hotel. In addition, modern facilities and equipment have been added to this 4-star hotel.

The paintings you see in Malek-o Tojjar hotel are very similar in style to the paintings of Narenjestan Qavam mansion in the city of Shiraz.

Also, the traditional restaurant and coffee house of Malek-o Tojjar hotel welcome you with a variety of authentic Iranian food and drinks.

Dad Hotel

Dad (means Justice) hotel is among famous and high-class traditional hotels in Yazd. This hotel is built in the old part of the city and shortens your route to the historical and tourist sights of Yazd. Also, brick-colored walls deepen your sense of presence in the world’s first brick city. The fascinating courtyard of this 4-star hotel with its fantastic and colorful flower arrangements has given a unique look to the hotel.

Another advantage of Dad hotel is the Bam restaurant on the rooftop. So, having dinner under the starry sky of Yazd is a wonderful experience in this pleasant restaurant that you should definitely try.


Top Mid-Range Hotels

Many people think that a hotel is desirable when it has average conditions in terms of price and facilities. Overall, we are talking about hotels that are not very expensive and stylish. Or very cheap and simple like hostels, but clean with numerous facilities, and delicious food to satisfy customers. Many hotels in Yazd, according to customers’ tastes, belong to this category.

Fahadan Museum Hotel

The four-star Fahadan museum hotel is located in the heart of the brick city of Yazd in the traditional context and close to sights.

Basically, Fahadan is the first museum hotel in Iran and has 28 accommodation spaces with a capacity of 70 beds.

About 250 years ago, this mansion was the residence of a prominent businessman named “Tehrani” during the Qajar period.

The hotel building, with its wooden windows and stained glass, is reminiscent of old houses.

The hotel consists of three main courtyards, Narenjestan and Kolah Farangi mansion, three beautiful windcatchers, a large hall, a well, a vestibule, a cellar, and a large backyard overlooking the historic neighborhoods of Yazd.

A Howz with blue tiles, old beds around, and a peaceful and intimate atmosphere are other advantages of this hotel.

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Firoozeh Traditional Hotel

Firoozeh (means turquoise) accommodation in Yazd is one of those hotels that allow you to have a journey to the past. This hotel with thatched walls and an charming yard will create a different stay. Firoozeh traditional hotel is located in the old part of the city. Therefore, this place has good access to the historical attractions of the city; For example, from the hotel, you can walk 15 minutes to Amir Chakhmaq complex and Khan bazaar. Also, Lari Ha house and Alexander’s prison are about 5 minutes away by car from this hotel. To go to Dolat Abad garden, it is enough to drive about 10 minutes from Firoozeh hotel.

Kohan Kashane Yazd Hotel

The Kohan Kashane hotel (means the ancient land) is located in the heart of the historic Yazd, in the old neighborhood of Fahadan, and is adjacent to Alexander’s prison.

This hotel with its interesting architecture is also very close to historic sight. Places such as the Lari Ha house, Davazdah Imam, bazaar, Jameh mosque of Yazd, and the Heidarzadeh museum of coin and anthropology. On the other hand, the hotel itself is no less than a historical monument. It is made of clay and mud and has a Qanat, and a roof overlooking the city’s windcatchers. Besides, the courtyard with its large pool in the middle has a calm and peaceful atmosphere. And will create memorable evenings for you. Another old house like this is also getting ready with full facilities, to host guests during the of peak tourism times.

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Budget Hotel

The price of mid-range hotels in Yazd is so reasonable that there may be no room to think about cheaper options. However, if you are one of those travelers who want to sleep in a suitable place with the least cost and do not care much about hotel services, we must say that Yazd still has attractive offers that especially backpackers can use.

Narenjestan Traditional House

For most of us who live in apartments or today’s buildings, the experience of an old-fashioned stay seems exciting.

Narenjestan traditional house is another mansion in Yazd turned into a hotel that is 200 years old and was renovated in 2015. This residence does not have more than three rooms called Gandom (means wheat), Toranj (means bergamot), and Taak (means grapevine). But the rooms are spacious and clean and decorated in the old style.

Most of the passengers have been satisfied with the staff and the cleanliness of the place. Like many traditional accommodations, there is a shared bathroom and toilet. This residence is located near Bahonar square and has good access to Yazd bazaar. The hotel is 12 minutes from the airport and 9 minutes from the Yazd water museum.

Silk Road Hotel

Silk Road hotel is situated in the historical context leading to the Jameh mosque of Yazd. As a 250 years old building, it is one of the oldest hotels in Yazd. Historically, this hotel dates back to the Safavid period (Shah Ismail I) and was renovated in 1996.

At present, it hosts tourists with 5 1-story buildings and a total of 65 accommodation units. It is also very close to Yazd tourist attractions such as the Jameh mosque, Khan bazaar, the 6 Badgir Ab-Anbar, Shahzade Fazel, and the Amir Chakhmaq complex.

Besides, if you have a vehicle, it is about 9 minutes away from the Zoroastrian fire temple and Yazd art house. You can also dine at restaurants around the hotel.

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Nartitee Ecolodge

Nartitee (means pomegranate blossom) is the name of the first ecolodge in Taft city of Yazd. Therefore, it is actually beyond accommodation and put you in touch with the way of life of the locals.

This 100-year-old house has 7 rooms with a traditional and nostalgic design. The courtyard and garden of this residence provide a calm and pleasant atmosphere.

It should be noted that the toilet and bathroom are located in the hall of the complex. Guests can also order traditional and Iranian dishes with a closed menu.

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