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Tehran Parks

10 Most Attractive Tehran Parks Worth a Visit

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Tehran parks understandingly are of the utmost importance, since the capital of Iran is a crowded, populated metropolis with serious air pollution due to streets full of cars, so in this regard, various modern parks and gardens have been built to remedy the problem.

Tehran has long had many green areas due to its favorable climate. These green spaces mainly include the old gardens of the city, some of which are known today as the best parks in Tehran.

In general, Tehran has more than two thousand parks, with many beauties and facilities, that are the best places for sports and entertainment.

In the following, we want to introduce you to 10 well-known best  parks in Tehran, which usually have a lot of Fans among nature lovers:

1- Saei Park

Saei park established on Valiasr street with an area of about 12 hectares, is one of the largest parks in Tehran and has very diverse vegetation. In 1945, this park was planted with trees, designed by engineer Karim Saei and named after him.

Saei Park is also a perfect scenery for photography and the tall trees of the park have created a gorgeous view. The Japanese garden is part of a park that includes waterfowl.

Playground, skating rink, table tennis court, green space, pavilion, wildlife park, and children’s playground are some of the facilities of this park. Animals such as peacocks, parrots, swans, squirrels, rabbits, goats, and a variety of birds are kept in the wildlife section of Saei park.

This massive park has 6 entrances and its design uses waterfalls, creeks, and various streams.

2- Mellat Park

Undoubtedly, one of the most memorable parks in Tehran is Mellat park located next to the Mellat gallery campus, which has taken on a cultural and artistic color these days. Also, statues of great Iranian celebrities can be seen in this park, which can indicate the cultural nature of it.

Mellat park, with an area of ​​34 hectares, is one of the largest parks in Tehran, with a small zoo, old trees, a fountain, a lake, a four-dimensional cinema, and various sports facilities such as tennis, chess, volleyball court, badminton court, etc.

The nostalgia of the park and its sports and cultural facilities has made it popular among families and youth in Tehran.  Because of the prestige and greatness of this park, most locals introduce it to their foreign guests.

3- City Park

City park, situated in the center of the city in the lands of the Sangalaj neighborhood is one of the oldest parks in Tehran and its establishment dates back to 1960. The area of ​​this park is approximately 25 hectares and has 8 entrances.

Historical value, vastness, diversity of plant species, the existence of rare vegetation, and having a rich library are among the reasons for the park’s fame. Also, the presence of a peace museum, bird garden, artificial lake, and aquarium in this park has made it one of the recreational places for those who are interested in a nature tour. The park’s aquarium, which stands underground, was a refuge for Tehran’s citizens during the war.

Other facilities at the park include children’s playgrounds, a bird-watching area, and a bike path.

4- Ab-o-Atash Park

Ab-o-Atash park (meaning water & fire park) also known as “Hazrat Ebrahim” is one of the conceptual and modern parks in Tehran that has a variety of attractions and has considered one of the largest and most fashionable parks in Tehran. This park has been constructed in an area of ​​24,000 square meters in Abbas Abad, Tehran.

This space is in fact more of a modern tourist attraction, due to its water and fire fountains, lighthouse, Mina dome skyscraper, amphitheater, several food courts, etc.

But its most significant sight is the Tabiat bridge, which with its extraordinary design has become a place for an exciting walk and taking photos these days. It is interesting to know that the Tabiat bridge (nature) is also one of the symbols of Tehran.

The park, which consists of several gardens, has a great variety of amusements and facilities. Also, the best skating rink in Tehran is in this park, which has made it popular for sports lovers engaging in friendly gatherings.

5- Laleh Park

Laleh park (means tulips) is one of the largest green spaces in Tehran, which is located in one of the busiest parts of the capital and has a short distance from the always crowded Enghelab Square.

Laleh park was established in 1966 with an area of ​​350,000 square meters, before which it was known as Jalalieh’s running horse square and was used for parades.

Laleh park was formerly known as Jalalieh neighborhood and had a military application and was used for activities such as military parades, horseback riding, as well as various competitions. Later, with the provision of special recreational and sports facilities such as playgrounds, pavilions, and many tourist attractions, this place became one of the most famous parks in Tehran.

There are many statues and iconic sculptures in this park, the most popular of which are the statues of Al-Biruni (Iranian scholar) and Khayyam (Persian mathematician). This old park also has a charity bazaar where many people sell works of art, foods, and other goods.

The statue of Khayyam built-in 1972 in Italy (commissioned by society for the national heritage of Iran).

6- Jamshidiyeh Park

Jamshidiyeh park, located in the northern part of the city which is another forest park in the capital of Iran, can be seen as one of the most remarkable and oldest parks in Tehran.

Since this park is placed in the northern part of the capital, it sees winter and autumn earlier than other parks, and this has made it one of the most spectacular attractions in Tehran.

Eye-catching pools, artificial waterfalls, lakes, artistic elements like various sculptures, and many other sights can be seen among the towering trees of this park.

Jamshidiyeh park with an area of ​​more than 10 hectares has a paved path that has made it a very convenient place for strolling and running. It is interesting to know that according to polls, this park is the second most popular park for non-locals after Mellat park.

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7- Artists Park

Artists park is one of the parks in Tehran, which is structured in the city center on Iranshahr Street. The history of the Artists park dates back to the Qajar period when this area was in the form of a garden as part of the lands belong to a Qajar prince. This was handed to a German architect named Fischer and several other foreign gardeners designed it.

The garden was used during World War II to store the allies’ weapons. After the withdrawal of the Allies from Iran, this area was given to the Iranian military forces. In 1996, the municipality of Tehran took possession of this place, and by demolishing additional buildings and making changes in it, made this place to its current form.

8- Qeytarieh Park

Qeytarieh is another popular park in the north of Tehran and the locals are engaged in sports and physical activities on the dedicated paths there every day.

In spring and autumn, with different colors, this park seems very graceful and elegant and can be a good subject for photography.  

There are pavilions in a part of Qeytarieh park, where families can gather and spend their free time. Group games are popular among the locals here, and in some of the pavilions, you will see people playing group games which at some point become an attractive pastime for bystanders.

Part of the popularity of Qeytarieh park is related to the “Melal cultural center, which holds a cultural and artistic market which sometimes serves local cuisine, soups, and stews in hot and cold seasons, and the general public can enjoy a home-cooked meal.

Qeytarieh park has three main doors and you can access it from the surrounding alleys in the Qeytarieh neighborhood.

9– Chitgar Forest Park

Chitgar park is known as one of the finest parks in Tehran, which is very popular especially for picnics and cycling on holidays.

It is interesting to know that the purpose of constructing this forest park, which is situated in western Tehran, was to increase the amount of oxygen in the air of the capital.

With an area of ​​more than 900 hectares, this park has several plant species such as Robinia, European ash, Umbraculifera, eastern redbud, Celtis australis, Acer, etc.

The most essential attraction of this park is the special tracks for cycling and skating, which has turned it into a hangout for the youth of Tehran.

Also, the construction of the equestrian and paintball club and its location near artificial Chitgar lake (known as the lake of the martyrs of the Persian Gulf), the presence of restaurants and Chitgar waterfall in this forest park has made it one of the most important amusement parks in Tehran.

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10- Lavizan Forest Park

Lavizan forest park built-in 1967, stands in the Shemiranat county of Tehran and considered the largest green space in the capital.

Lavizan Park has tall and towering trees. There are also several hotels, a cafeteria, a buffet, a coffee shop, a hall, and a mosque in the highest part of Lavizan forest park.

Due to the cool and pleasant weather of the park, most of the residents of east Tehran go to this park in the summer afternoons.

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