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Top-Rated Recommended Cafes in Tehran

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There are many cafes in Tehran city, the large and populous capital of Iran with many attractions and café touring is one of the most popular ones, which attracts young people as well as travelers who are here mostly for pleasure rather than business.

As a person who wants to try a café for the first time, finding it to be an acceptable and clean sitting area with a calm, pleasant atmosphere and at the same time, having rich menus with attractive delicious drinks and appetizers is the key.

Here we want to recommend several cafes in Tehran to you that not only have good food and relaxing space but also create unforgettable memories for you.

1- Sam Café

The design of most cafes in Tehran are either traditional, classic, or luxury and modern. Sam Café, is the latter and as a modern cafe with a nice and fashionable environment hosts many friendly gatherings in the capital.

This cafe is the right choice for gatherings with more than 2-3 people and is very suitable for birthday parties. An elegant feature of this cafe is its beautiful space and decorations.

Sam Café with four branches in different neighborhoods of Tehran, Fereshteh, Vanak, Shahrak-e Gharb, and Sattar Khan areas, has gained a great reputation.

This cafe is very popular among tourists and the recommended coffee here also has a nice taste and aroma.

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2- Agor Café

Agor Cafe is a place on Enghelab street that has a relatively large space and is one of the busiest and attention-grabbing cafes in Tehran with a very suitable space for friendly gatherings.

This cafe has an interesting design related to bicycles and the food has great decorations, quality, and taste. The menu of Agor café is very stylish and interesting, and the decorated dishes here have attracted a lot of attention.

The food is relatively expensive but the gorgeous interior of the cafe and the flavorous food here encourage many to come back.

3- Cafe Tehroon

Tehroon cafe on Villa street, with its traditional Persian decorations, intimate and friendly impression, brings a feeling of Tehran’s past intimacy in customers.

The doors and walls, tablecloths, dishes, flowerpots, and the whole fabric of this cafe reflect a satisfying, traditional, and delicate feeling.

You have a lot of options to choose where to sit because it has two floors inside, a balcony, and a fantastic courtyard. Wherever you sit in the cafe, you will always hear classic Iranian music, and even if you are alone, you can still enjoy its remarkable mood.

Customers who have experienced the Tehroon Café say that this place is much busier on the weekends, making it difficult to find both parking space and an empty table.

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4- Chai Bar Cafe

Kolah Farangi mansion, a magnificent building is in north Andarzgoo, greater Tehran, which was once the place of entertainment for Nasreddin Shah (King of Qajar). This structure has received many guests since 2008 and Chai Bar cafe is located here, in the middle of the tremendous historical garden of the society of Iranian calligraphists

This cafe is one of the few cafes that serves more than 100 types of tea and the combination of traditional and modern styles in the design of Chai Bar cafe fascinates every viewer. The very cozy and clean environment and the tables and chairs arranged in the open air, all have a hand in creating the most delightful day for you.

5- Naderi Cafe Restaurant

Naderi Cafe is not an ordinary place, but rather a part of old Tehran that has been inherited by the new generation and carries a piece of literary and political history.

Naderi restaurant cafe is one of the most professional cafes in Tehran and something more than its delicious flavors tempts its customers to sit on a chair. This cafe was established 90 years ago by an Armenian named Sakhik Madikinans on Naderi street in Tehran, and since then many Iranian literary figures have entered the cafe, and its wall of memories shows off with pictures of these prominent personalities.

Famous intellectuals and writers of 1960-1980 decades of Iran used to have a visible presence Naderi cafe and a sense of pride and fame drive customers to curiously come here and even sitting behind old tables of this place is exciting.

6- Historic Gole Rezaieh Café Restaurant

One of the oldest and best cafes in Tehran is Gole Rezaieh café restaurant located on Si-e Tir street.

It is worth mentioning that this cafe used to be a hangout of great artists such as Forough Farrokhzad and Sadegh Hedayat (the famous Iranian poet and writer), which made it very appealing for young literary folks who enjoy the heavy inspiring sense of historical familiarity.

The peak of the prosperity of this cafe was in the 1960 – 1980 decades as well and as one of the first cafes in Tehran with the same interior space that belongs to old times that have been renovated and welcomes many customers every day.

This café is very celebrated, and even though the prices here are a bit high, but this has not diminished the popularity of Gol Rezaieh café, so we suggest not to forget to make reservation upfront, otherwise you can not enter this café, let alone get a table.

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7- Masoudieh Palace cafe

If you want to drink a hot drink in the rooms of a historic majestic Qajar building, we recommend this exceptional cafe.

Masoudieh palace cafe is located in the Masoudieh mansion, which belongs to the Qajar era, and in addition to the cafe, you can also watch one of Tehran’s spectacular tourist attractions.

It is an old and relaxing cafe located in a historical environment. This cafe is also famous for its delicious breakfasts, but don’t forget that as one of the best cafes in Tehran, be sure to book a table before going there.

8- Cafe Viuna Plaza

Branches of cafe Viuna can be found in different areas of Tehran such as Tajrish, Pasdaran, Taleghani, Sa’adat Abad, and Beheshti, but the most prominent branch is cafe Viuna Plaza in the Zafaranieh neighborhood that has a lot of Fans.

This café with well-mannered staff serving some of the best drinks and appetizers has been introduced as a chic, stylish, and well-known coffee shop in Tehran.

Its place is quite cozy and intimate, which is why it is very popular among Millennials, also tasty breakfasts at a reasonable price is another feature of cafe Viuna Plaza.

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9- Ivan Café

The design of the Ivan Café (meaning balcony or terrace) is a combination of classic and contemporary architecture.

In the heart of Manouchehri street in Tehran, there is a shopping center called “Marjan” and Ivan Caféis located on the ground floor of this mall with a view of the old Moshir-o-Doleh house, a historical landmark built in 1247 by a Russian architect called “Nikolai Markov”.

This newly established cafe is located in a porch-like space, meaning a part of the cafe has no walls and overlooks the courtyard and you can have a tremendous view under your feet while eating.

Appropriate music and unique scenery will make you feel good and drinks and snacks of this cafe, like its atmosphere, have a combination of tradition and modernity as well, and from traditional Persian Sharbats to hot chocolate and from Iranian appetizers like Mirza Ghasemi to pasta and hamburgers are served here.

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10- Ansoo Cafe

Ansoo cafe is actually an old-class house in one of the old neighborhoods of downtown Tehran. The tiny Persian pool located in the middle of the yard, the charming and flowery porch, and the cozy and intimate atmosphere of the whole establishment has a sense of a grandmother’s house.

The tables are set in the courtyard, inside the building, and on the terrace, and you can choose one of these options for sitting. You can also book special events and friendly get-togethers by booking a table.

Ansoo is the first café in Iran to integrate with the art of pottery and to take steps to support, preserve, and promote ancient arts in Iran.

In this cafe, you can make pottery completely free of charge, have the experience of working with a potter’s wheel and make your favorite object under the supervision of kind instructors. You can also learn this enjoyable art professionally by taking pottery training classes.

11- Malek Cafe & Restaurant

Malek cafe is located on Ferdowsi street, Koushk-e-Mesri St, right in front of the Ferdowsi international grand hotel. This cafe is surrounded by old and historical buildings, which has created a different mood than other places in Tehran.

The cafe building is more than 90 years old and originally belonged to one of the courtiers in the Qajar era. However, the door of the cafe was added later and is not related to the old building.

Malek cafe & restaurant has both indoor and outdoor space, and the short distance from tourist attractions such as the treasury of national jewels and the national museum of Iran is a significant advantage. The menu includes Iranian home-cooked food, which is especially attractive to foreign tourists.

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