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Tehran nightlife

Tehran Nightlife – Best Places to Go Out in The Capital

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If you are looking for suitable options for Tehran nightlife, you will have several choices, considering one of the unique features of the capital of Iran is having lively and vivid nights and this aspect has made the Tehran metropolis a dynamic city with a social, diverse, lively and flourishing environment.

In this way, Tehran is a city that gives you a wider schedule for leisure, sightseeing, having a walk, and visiting cafes and restaurants.

Especially in the warmer months of the year, the tendency to explore at night increases, when the temperature is lower and the breeze is blown from the Tochal resort through the main highways to the body of Tehran, and this is why touring Tehran at night takes on a different mood.

On the other hand, today’s metropolises have beautiful night views that are worth watching because of the design of the illuminated facades. When it gets dark, many large shopping malls and soaring towers, present bright and shiny features, which have playful and exciting vibes at night.

In this article, we intend to address the lively places of Tehran for nightlife:

Bam-e Tehran

At night, Bam-e Tehran (meaning the roof of Tehran) located at the end of Velenjak street, standing over the city, feeling the whole big luminous city under your feet and inhaling cool air, can be pretty breathtaking and also satisfying.

You can experience a pleasant walk in a mountainous climate, there are also entertainments and facilities such as restaurants, sleighs, and cable cars.

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Milad Tower

At night, Milad tower, which is situated at a height of 435 meters on the Sheikh Fazlullah Nouri highway, is one of the most significant symbols of the capital. Milad tower is very spectacular at night due to its beautiful lighting.

This tallest tower in Iran and the sixth telecommunication tower in the world becomes more irresistible at night time, but it is not only the exterior and technical and engineering features that have made Milad tower popular; and in this tower and its surrounding area, there are many opportunities for fun that cater to all tastes.

Azadi Tower

The historical monument of Azadi (freedom) tower which has been constructed in Azadi Square, undoubtedly can be described as the busiest and most crowded place in Tehran and has its own thriving nightlife.

Azadi square is the most important square in Tehran and the enormous Azadi monument is known as the symbol of Iran all over the world.

Vendors who sell special food made of cooked lamb liver around the square at night have become very popular these days.

Chitgar Lake

Chitgar lake (Also known as the lake of the martyrs of the Persian Gulf), the largest artificial lake in Iran, becomes much more fascinating at night due to the reflection of light from the surrounding residential buildings.

So you can always get away from the traffic and crowds of the city for a few hours in this lake, plus take advantage of different recreational facilities such as sky jumping track, horror safari, carousel, thriller pyramid cinema, electric car, and cycling track in here.

Jamshidieh Park

Jamshidieh park (also called stone park) is another place of interest in Tehran at night that you must visit.

Placed in the north of Tehran, Jamshidieh has a very good climate and there are many facilities for fun and entertainment here. There is also a waterfall, lake, and rock fountains in this delightful park.

In Jamshidia park, there are impressive stone paths and in recent years, this park has become the place watching of the first snow.

The statues shaped like animals are other remarkable features of this park. Of course, note that to reach these statues, you have to climb 600 steps.

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Tabiat Bridge

Tabiat (meaning nature) bridge, which was built in 2014 as one of the modern and special tourist attractions of Tehran, actually connects Taleghani park and Ab-o-Atash park (means water and fire) and is over the Modares highway.

You can enjoy a safe walk on this bridge without being disturbed by cars and enjoy the cool breeze of the night with your companions and fellow travelers. There are many restaurants and coffee shops along this route that can create the perfect nightlife in Tehran for you.


At night, Darband, which has a cool tourist area, is considered one of the old villages of the Shemiran neighborhood. Darband is situated at an altitude of 1700 meters above sea level and in this place you can stay away from the polluted air of the capital for several hours. Darband has many restaurants which are open late and you can go to these places for dinner in refreshing weather, enjoying the magnificent scenery.

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Si-e Tir Street

Si-e Tir street is one of the old areas of Tehran with old and historical buildings and tourist attractions such as the Glassware and ceramic museum of Iran, the national museum of Iran, and Firooz Bahram fire temple.

Although this is an ancient street of Tehran, with a combination of eateries and artistic decorations, this place remains one of the scenic areas of Tehran at night. The main feature of this place is its street food, which is accompanied by listening to heartwarming street music.

Ab-o-Atash Park

Ab-o-Atash park (meaning water and fire, referring to water fountains and fire towers in the park) is one of the largest and most popular parks in the capital, which is located in the Abbasabad lands and the heart of the city and used to be the only park in the area; gradually though, other parks and gardens emerged in the surroundings, but Ab-o-Atash park still remains the most marvelous and fashionable one.

At night, the park becomes even more enchanting with a soothing silence that prevails. The park has four fire towers, a silk bridge, a pigeon nest, a lighthouse, a waterfall, and a carriage ride, which makes this place a nice family magnet too.

Artists Park

Artists park (known as Honarmandan park) on Taleghani Street, where different festivals and seasonal markets are held. In the seasonal market of this park, you see vendors or various booth organizers put out many handicrafts and artworks for sale. Different concerts are held in the conference hall of Artists park and this establishment has eight gallery spaces.

Persian Garden

Persian garden in Vanak village is actually a remnant land of old Tehran that has been renovated and, a beautiful lush garden that its nightlife is surreal.

you can walk along the water streams and enjoy the fresh weather. The garden has a central pavilion where a restaurant and a teahouse are located. This place also has a playground for children.

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Ferdows Garden

Your next choice for a night out in Tehran could be the Ferdows garden. In the northern part of Valiasr street, not far from Tajrish Square, right next to the elegant sycamore trees, there is an old garden and mansion that has become one of the most popular nightlife hubs in Tehran.

The area of this large and mesmerizing garden is beautiful on all nights of the year. There are several cafes, galleries, and cinemas in Ferdows garden too.

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Imamzadeh Saleh and Tajrish Traditional Bazaar

Imamzadeh Saleh is one of the religious tourist attractions in Tehran, situated in the north of the city. The building of this mosque dates back to 700 years ago and was built in the style of religious buildings of the Safavid period (dynasty era).

Imamzadeh Saleh has a beautiful view of the Alborz mountain range and seems like the mountain ranges are stands right behind the mosque, such as a mighty giant on the background.

It is interesting to know that more than 30,000 people visit Imamzadeh Saleh daily and this place is usually crowded and full of life at night. I suggest that after visiting Imamzadeh Saleh, be sure to visit the nearby Tajrish traditional bazaar, which is also a very lively nightlife in Tehran.

Tajrish bazaar with a traditional structure, old historical chambers, unusual Asian fruits and vegetables, and local Persian fools gives an interesting sense of fondness.

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